Maintenance Tips


When renting a home, the home is considered an “as-is” lease.  If there are maintenance concerns before you move in; they will need to be addressed and negotiated prior to “move-in”.  Upon possession of the home the tenant is responsible for minor repairs of less than $50.00 or damage created by the tenant.  When other maintenance issues arise they need to be reported to us through your tenant portal or a phone call  to our office.  At this point the “property manager” will contact the owner to see how they want to proceed with the repair.  Major appliances or A/C units that fail after hours or on the weekends will be addressed the next business day unless the tenant wants to pay for the “emergency service call” associated with the repair.

At lease signing you will be given an inspection report that you have 30 days to complete detailing defects and damage that are in a home.  It’s very important that you turn this in to us on our first inspection so that it becomes part of your file.  You are only required to return the home to us in the same condition that we gave it to you.